Recently, I watched a documentary about humpback whales and I realized I never actually wrote about my experience with them before. So this is my take on one of the most memorable moments in my life.

I was actually in the Gold Coast with Chloe and we were thinking about what to do, when I suggested to go whale watching as we were there towards the end of the whale migration season. Generally, whales migrate north from the cold Antarctic waters, in autumn to give birth in the warmer water and migrate south in the summer back to the Antarctic waters to feed, as the adult whales have not eaten since the beginning of the journey north! And to think they swim an average of 5000km making them it the longest migratory journey of any mammal!

We were hoping to see some mothers with calves on their way down south and we did some research. As it was a last minute decision and we wanted to go the next day, we couldn’t reach some companies, and ended up with Sea World Whale Watch.

What we did not expect, was the number of whales we saw and the amount of action that follow! We started off chasing 2 adults with a calf we spotted in the horizon, and in no time we were practically surrounded! The whales were breaching, tail slapping and pectoral fin slapping.

To top it off, most of the adults had calves with them and it was cute and funny watching the calves mimic the actions of their mothers and the other adults. There were some cheeky dolphins that wanted some attention by doing jumps and flips in the middle of all the action as well!

I couldn’t stop taking photos with all the action going on around, and before I know it the time for the trip was up and we had to head back. Even on the boat ride back, we could see whales just breaching everywhere in the water.

I am glad that I was able to witness such an event, and I would love to get in the water with them the next time. To think that we nearly hunted these gentle giants to extinction, I am happy to see that the number of humpbacks, and other whales are steadily recovering. I really find it hard to put my feelings into words, and I think this article is only the tip of the iceberg.

I really recommend that you try it for yourself, book a whale watching trip and witness the show that these gentle giants put out for us. I really believe that people will only protect what they understand, and I hope to spread this understanding. Til the next post, dive safe!

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