It seems like forever since I wrote and posted and I apologize! I have been super busy at work and I have been taking short trips over the weekends as well as celebrating Pokemon Go’s first anniversary by going around trying to catch Articuno and Lugia.

Now that I have caught them, there is some time to write! Haha. And also because it is #sharkweek.

I have not had the chance to watch Discovery, but I figured I should post my own shark post as well.

To start of, a big one! Big in the sense of the news, and also the shark! Some divers spotted a megamouth shark a couple of days ago at Komodo! I don’t wanna say much, here’s the video:

Why is this exciting you may ask? I know that it is a deep water shark and super rare to spot, so I googled up some facts. It is the smallest of the 3 filter feeding sharks, after the whale shark and basking shark, and it was only discovered in 1976! Since it’s discovery, there have been 63 that have been caught or seen, including 4 videos. There was also a recent story about 2 that were caught off Japan.

For the divers at Komodo that saw one, and such close proximity, that’s exciting news!

Not so good news for the Great Whites of South Africa though. There have been quite a few cases of Great Whites carcasses washing up on shore at Gansbaai. They were killed, and had their livers removed. The killers? Orcas.

The carcasses had consistent bite marks, and every one of them have had their livers eaten. Here’s a video:

And the last bit of recent shark news I want to share is very depressing. I do not understand sport fishing, or sport hunting for that matter. If you’re fishing or hunting for food, that’s fine. I eat meat too. But this, this I cannot comprehend. Viewer discretion is advised.

I am not angry, but I am curious. I wonder what is going through their minds when they did this. I wonder what made them do this. And I wonder what did they think they will achieve by doing this. And when I understand, then I can choose to be angry, or I can choose to educate.

Sharks are important in our oceans. They have been in the oceans for millions of years, surviving extinction and evolving into what they are today, apex predators of the sea (except when orcas are around). Today, we enter the water, and we decide that sharks are dangerous and should be removed from the water.

This should not be the case.

I guess it is true that people will only love what they understand. I do not claim to understand sharks, but I try to read and watch as much as I can about them. And with this, my love for them grow. You should try it too. And by that, I don’t mean watching Jaws or Sharknado.

Research, read and watch programmes about sharks that are based around facts, not fiction. Then you will realize that sharks are really fascinating creatures. Every dive I do, no matter where, I hope to see a shark. I hope to film a shark. I hope to take a photo of a shark.


If you would like to discuss more about sharks, comment, send me a message, or even an email. Til the next post, dive safe.

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