So I’m taking a brief pause in writing about the Maldives to write about a short assignment I was on at Tioman Island to shoot some underwater and drone photos and videos for a resort there.


While I do not claim to be anywhere near professional in to go on shoots like this, nevertheless, it was a fun but tiring experience. I also got the chance to understand Chloe’s camera and her difficulties while taking underwater photos as I took it along for the trip.


We were shooting at a new completed resort, The Barat Resort, Tioman. We are regulars at the Barat Perhentians, and it seems like the comfort and customer service provided does not disappoint here at Tioman as well.


We drove over night from Kuala Lumpur to the ferry jetty at Tanjong Gemok. From there, we took one of the new ferries from a a company named Cataferry. I was barely awake during the journey, as it was a sleepless night during the drive.

Arriving at Tekek, we were greeted by the Resort Manager at the jetty and we were ushered into a 4×4 pick up truck! From there, it was a thrilling ride through the jungles and hills of Tioman island to reach Juara beach, where the resort is at. The ride itself was uneventful, but exciting with all the steep ups and downs on a narrow road with the jungle on both sides.


Arriving at the hotel, we checked in, washed up, anddd.. took a nap! We were completely exhausted. I guess we’re not that young anymore eh. The resort has a swimming pool surrounded by the rooms, a big restaurant area, and a sky bar area above the restaurant.


We dived there for 2 days, while shooting videos and photos for the production before checking out for an early ferry back on Sunday morning. As usual, I have learned many things and met new friends on this dive trip.


It has also been a while since I shot photos on macro subjects, and I hope that you have enjoyed the photos. And as always, until the next post, dive safe!


P.S. The land shots were shot with my iPhone. I had too many things to carry and did not bring my DSLR. =P

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