So, I had a super drunk and fat lunar new year the last 2 weeks. Which explains the lack of posts. Hopefully, with the festivities all behind me, I have a lot more free time to post. I have no idea where to start, with so much news, the sad passing of Rob Stewart, the beaching of the pilot whales in New Zealand, some hidden false killer whale.

I think I have to make this post a happy one. So there was this one video that I saw the other day shared on Facebook. This humpback whale actually breached meters away from some swimmers, and needless to say, the video is crazy awesome! Check it out!

Also, I’m super excited about my dive trip to the Maldives in slightly less than a month.It’s been 2 years since my previous trip to the Maldives and I just cannot wait to go back for some diving.


This year I’ll be on board the Maldives Princess again for an 8 day 7 night eat sleep dive repeat routine. There are so many things to prepare within this month for the trip. I’m gonna try to journal all of the preparations on this blog to well, serve as sort of a reminder for you and I.


This is just a short post for me to keep this alive, so please please watch out for the next one as I journal the preparations towards my trip to the Maldives. Dive safe!

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