This is one of those “I wish I was the one shooting the photo/video” moments.

Slater Moore of Monterey Bay Whale Watch captured a video on his drone showing killer whales or orcas passing around a live sevengill shark.

Orcas are apex predators, and there have been known sightings of orcas hunting sharks, great white sharks, mako sharks, tiger sharks, but the interaction between the adult orcas and the calves caught in this video is definitely amazing.

The video:

I also recall watching another drone video, this time showing false killer whales hunting a shark off Cronulla, Australia. Although false killer whales are a different species, in that video, you can actually see the speed that these cetaceans can achieve while chasing prey.

The title of the video may be misleading:

I have yet to see an orca in the wild, but one day I’m sure I will. Anybody wants to come along with me to Norway to swim with these magnificent creatures?

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