I had a rather “normal” question today during lunch that really inspired me to do this. It was just a simple, “So, what are you really interested in? What do you like doing that gets you really excited?”

Without any hesitation, I answered, “Diving!”. I have always been told that when it comes to a conversation about the oceans, marine life or diving, I have this passion in my words that really shows my love towards what’s beneath the waves.

Maybe it’s the prospect of seeing something unexpected, maybe it’s the feeling of weightlessness, or maybe it’s just the overall quietness that all I hear is my own breathing, there’s something about diving that captivates me.

I do not claim to be an expert in any of the matter I’m going to write about. Everything I’m about to write is my opinion, and if your opinion differs, I would like that we discuss it. If you’re thinking of making the jump and start diving, talk to me, I can share some experience that I have had with you. I’m just looking to share this passion that I have. So please, grab your mask and fins, take the giant stride and dive into a wonderful world under the sea with me.

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